Gatekeeper: pine, lime and walnut, 2020
Proposals using oak and stone, for Oldfield House garden, London Borough of Wandsworth. Part of Furzedown Oak Community Project 2014-19

Limewood wheel fragment, 2019

Large Wheel: mobile sculpture project, work in progress (2018-)

Gdańsk collage - orange base, 2019

Plaster landscape/figure, 2019

Small Wheel, 2019

Dirke series, based on a Greek myth, 2014

Developmental work 2013-15

Spanish Arch series, 2011-12

Time Ramp, proposal for Crane Park School/Butts Farm, Hounslow, 2006-13

Bull and Dancer, Chiswick House Festival, 2005

Photo Copyright © Nigel Corrie

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